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Why Us?

From cosmetics, to food, to the coffee industry, we pride ourselves to always uphold to the highest standards.

Engineering is in our blood. To create is our passion. To solve problems is our drive.

But here's why we're here, doing what we do:

We believe we can simplify the coffee roasting process.

We will take the pain points away, so you don't have to have them.

Because we believe, at the end of the day, you -as a business owner- need to focus ON growing your business.

Do we know coffee, you may ask. We believe we know enough to help you, but hey, enough is never enough, that's why we are grateful because we've got helps all around to help us get better and grow.

PS. Fun fact 1: we built our first coffee roaster in 2007, that's ten full years before we even have the guts to sell one single unit to anybody.

PSS. Fun fact 2: we actually were in the coffee business for some time. Our products? Kopi Susu Jumbo (sachet powder), Kopi Bajigur (sachet powder) and, you guessed it right, single origin roasted beans.

And that was in 2007.

Copy of Berto History Timeline Infograph