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My First Berto Roaster

With Berto ONE, now you have the ability to produce coffee beans to your liking. Source your own beans, and roast them to reflect your personality. Create a perfect cup the way you envision it.
This machine is a beast, it is the perfect roaster to kick off your business to another level. The flexibility, the consistency and the toughness is comparable to any industrial sized roaster.
Great roast right off the bat.



BERTO ONE implements a powerful ROBURN burner system that is specially designed and tailored only for the roaster.
A high capacity sirocco fan generates all the needed air flow for a perfect convection, which is the most efficient heat transfer form in roasting.
And a super powerful cooling fan will stops the cooking process inside the beans almost immediately after you drop the beans, essentially locking your profile.
Cast iron drums ensure an evenly distributed heat on the drum surface. An excellent heat retention capabilities comes handy during the development phase in your roast.


Stainless steel is tough, durable, and hygienic, but the best part is, it is super stylish. We are using stainless steel SAE 304, which is food safe, and as a bonus, it will come in handy when you are applying for a regulatory certification.



Everything you need is in front of you, don’t even bend down to reach for that gas valve. BERTO ONE control panel is optimised to minimise your movement during roasting.


Having been in the machine industry for 30 years, we know safety. We breath safety, it’s in our DNA.
Every BERTO roaster is equipped with these safety equipments:
Gas governor accurately maintains output gas pressure into the machine regardless of input from the gas bottle.
Gas block minimize the number of gas connections and greatly reduce the risk of potential leakage.
Electronic burner control regulates ignition sequence and monitor the flame. In the event of flame failure, the burner control will restart ignition a few times. If failure persist after several attempts, the main gas solenoid will shut off completely.



1 kg/batch
Powerful forced air burner
High speed bean cooling
Powerful variable air flow
Variable drum speed
Manual mode
Automated Curve Control mode
Data logging
Stainless steel SAE 304 material
Flame failure detector
0.8 kW, 220 V, 50 Hz, 1 phase